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Check Exemption

Are you exempt from requiring a working with children check due to being a registered teacher (with VIT - not suspended or expired) or a currently serving police officer (Victoria Police or Australian Federal)?

Please choose if an exemption that applies to you. By choosing one of these exemptions, you agree (in accordance with state law) to notify the club in writing within 7 days if you no longer hold an exempt position/registration.

If an exemption applies to you, you do not have to complete the Card/WWCC Number and Expiry fields or upload any file. The club will request you submit your exemption or a valid WWCC annually.

Please note it is an offence under state law to falsely claim to hold an exemption.

Teacher Exemption
Police Exemption

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If you are not a registered contact, please click here to get in touch with us to create a contact for you. Include your full name, email address, mobile phone number and any players you should be linked to (i.e. as parent/guardian)

Linking your WWC check to your contact record will automatically link it to any players and roles (coach, team manager etc.) you are linked to.