Winter 2018 Season Schedule

The link below opens up a PDF provided by the stadium that shows game dates for all games in the winter 2018 season. It’s a useful resources for knowing which weeks we have games, when finals begin and which games are grading games (highlighted in yellow). Note weeks highlighted in grey are school holidays or public holidays and there are no games on those dates.

Junior games for all age groups except Under 16 boys are in the Saturday section headed ‘J’.
Under 16 boys play Mondays so these games are in the Monday section headed ‘J’

Cardinia Leisure Winter 2018 Season Schedule (PDF)

Fixtures, Results & Ladders

Find your team or age group below to view the fixtures, results and ladder for your team.

The below information is provided by Cardinia Leisure’s Sportfix website. If it does not work correctly in the sub-window below, please click here to open up their website in a new tab/window

They also offer apps for your iPhone or Android device which is a handy way to keep on top of when your games are, and view game results and ladders.