Winter 2020 Registration Open

As previously advised, Basketball Victoria (BV) has introduced a new individual registration system for the upcoming Winter 2020 season.
As part of this change, all new and existing junior players will be required to register for the upcoming season using BV’s new PlayHQ system and will also pay their BV registration/insurance directly to BV as part of this process as an annual $25 fee (2 seasons).
In addition to this, the Pakenham District Basketball Association (PDBA) will now also collect their association fee directly from the player at the time of registration ($3 per season).

Winter 2020 Fees

Boldens is committed to ensuring our kids can play basketball as affordably as possible. To ensure minimal impact to families as a result of separately paying the BV and PDBA fees the Boldens club based fees for the upcoming Winter 2020 season will be reduced to $227.
This includes a $50 non-refundable deposit payable at the point of registration and the balance of $177 due and payable in the first half of the season.

Winter Registration

Registration for winter season is now open. Due to the increased initial amount that needs to be paid to register your child/ren, we have opened registration as early as possible and will leave it open until 16 March.
This hopefully gives all families ample time to ensure they can pay the amount required to complete the registration.
In the event that you will not be in a financial position to register your child during this extended window, please contact us asap to see if we can assist.

Registration Hints

As with all new processes, there are some differences to be aware of in the new registration system:
1. All questions with an asterisk* are mandatory. If the question is not applicable to your child, please type N/A into the field.
2. If you don’t already have a PlayHQ account, scroll down to create one before attempting to log in to start the registration.
3. The initial amount of $78 ($25 BV fee + $3 PDBA fee + $50 boldens deposit) must be paid by credit or debit card to complete the registration.
4. PlayHQ will issue you with a receipt/invoice via email after you register stating that you have fully paid. Note this applies only to the BV fee, PDBA fee and Boldens deposit. You will still owe $177 to the club for the remainder of the season fees and will be issued an invoice by the club for that amount as usual.

Register Now

Please register your child as soon as possible to ensure they can be selected in a team for the upcoming Winter season:

Age Group Changes

Also, please note as we go into Winter season, many players will be moving to new age groups. Your child is eligible if they are under the target age for that age group at 31 December 2020 (e.g. if you are 11 years old on 31/12/2020, you are eligible for U12 in Winter)
If your child prefers to move up with their current team even though they are still eligible for the same age group, please clearly state this in the request section at the time of registration.
We cannot guarantee this will be done, but where possible we will endeavour to assist with this request.
If you have any questions or issues, please let us know asap and we’ll do our best to assist.