Winter 2022 – Team Selections have now been completed for all registered players and volunteers.

A massive thank you to Melise Yeates for putting the teams together over the Easter break!


We currently have 53 Teams, with 26 Coaches and 23 team Managers, so we have a number of spots to fill for Players, Coaches & Team Managers.

Teams are not completely set in stone and change requests will be considered, but not guaranteed. For example, we won’t take players from one team if it leaves another team short.


For your info, here is the rationale I’ve used for team selections:

– requests to stay in same team

– Coaches and Parent placement/change suggestions and requests

– requests to play in same team as friends

– keeping similar age and abilities together

– minimum numbers for a team (we try to have 8 in each team)


If your child’s team is in need of a Coach and/or TM, we encourage you to volunteer asap and register via PlayHQ. Training starts Tues 26 April (next week).┬áThe Club relies on parents to coach their child’s team. We do not have a pool of Coaches we can call on.

No Coach = No Game for your child.

If you know of Boldens who have not yet registered for this season, or you have friends wanting to play, please get them to register asap as well.

I apologise in advance for any requests, etc I may have missed. The teams did start to blend in to one another over the past 5 days.


Thank you to all the Coaches and Team Managers who have committed for the season, Your training timeslots have been locked in and the new timetable will be released on the website soon.


We wish everyone the very best of luck for the new season which starts on Sat 30th April/Mon 2nd May.

If you need to speak to someone about your child’s team selection, please send an email to