We have recently been approached by a local group who are fundraising for MND. As you may be aware MND, Motor Neurone Disease, is a terminal neurological disease which attacks the motor neurones within the body until they waste away and die. Motor neurones are required for muscle movement and without them, MND sufferers can no longer play their favourite sport, walk, talk, swallow and eventually breathe. Currently, there is no effective treatment and no cure.

Craig’s Crew FightMND are a local group of family and friends raising much needed funds for this great cause. Over the last few years they have raised over $60,000.

What is Sockit2MND?

In partnership with AFL Victoria, Sockit2MND is an MND awareness themed round. All sporting clubs, including AFL, netball, basketball, soccer, rugby and more are invited to support FightMND by getting involved, purchasing a pair of the Big Freeze 5 socks and wearing them proudly on the dedicated Sockit2MND round on June 15 & 16.

The aim of the Sockit2MND round is to
– Raise awareness of MND within your local community
– Support those within the community who may be suffering from MND or have a personal connection to MND
– Raise vital funds to help us continue to fund Australia’s best and brightest researchers to find effective treatments and ultimately a cure for MND .

Two Australian’s are diagnosed with MND every day, and two more will lose the fight. It’s time to pull your socks up and help us fight MND

If anyone on your team would like to participate in this fundraiser please speak with your Team Manger to place an order for the socks and/or a beanie. Team Managers have orders forms. All orders must be placed with the Fundraising Committee by  1/3/19 with full payment.

It would be great to see teams on court all wearing FightMND socks but as club we understand that not everyone is in a position to assist and are in no means forcing anyone to participate.